Manage orders and run hypothetical compliance tests

Glide covers the core functionality out of the box but that’s just the start. Customize your advanced allocation strategy, run hypothetical trade scenarios including buys and sells across multiple portfolios, or implement custom workflows. And as your business grows, Glide adapts to your new business processes.


Glide Components


Order management

Customize your advanced allocation strategy. Glide will automatically allocate across your funds, or allow you to edit and override.


Hypothetical CLO compliance

Quickly setup, modify, and run hypothetical pre-trade scenarios that include buys and sells across multiple portfolios.


Non CLO compliance

Setup restricted lists, concentration limits, scheduled reports and real-time alerts keep you informed when compliance rules are breached.



An integrated solution for collating and organizing research data and associated documentation. Build workflows around internal commentary and recommendations that fully audit the decision-making process.


Risk Management

A modular risk engine providing standard risk sensitivities with the ability to integrate 3rd part models in any language. Define custom stress and scenario’s and run calculations within our cloud hosted scalable calculation farm.


Investor Relations

Reporting to investors often involves manual data processing and report generation. Glide enables reporting on a signed off portfolio snapshot with access controls over the available level of detail. All available via a web portal or mobile device.


The Flexibility you need

Glide covers the core functionality out of the box but that’s just the start. We know that every client needs a slightly different workflow, customized access control and often more sophisticated extensions. As your business grows, Glide adapts to new business processes allowing you to optimize your operating model with minimal manual effort. We operate with a close working consultative approach, meaning we use the flexibility of Glide to give you what you need.


Slice, dice and visualize

Glide has extremely powerful analysis capabilities powered by real time flexible data visualization tools. Quickly aggregate disparate data sources and give users the power to dynamically slice and dice.

  • Create charts, expressions and composite real-time filters
  • Save custom reports and share with other users
  • Export to Excel, PDF, PowerPoint and more

The power of Excel – minus the risk

Excel is the ubiquitous modeling tool and we love it. That’s why we want to integrate seamlessly with Excel and not attempt to replicate or replace it. For us this means using Excel as a powerful modeling tool and not as a database.

  • Standard Excel add-in
  • Full access control and auditing
  • Build standard reports and schedule them for automatic distribution

Adapt and expand

The real power of Glide lies in the ease of integration and extension capabilities. Run proprietary analytics in the same robust environment as the core modules. Apply centralized access controls, auditing and scalability to your custom projects.

  • SDKs in Python and .Net
  • Scalable calculation framework
  • Simple JSON protocol

You already know how to use it

We built Glide to be a powerful tool that people want to use. We focused on a user-friendly interface that crosses multiple functions. Once you know how to use one part, you'll know how to use the rest.

  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Familiar cross-function usability
  • An API with less than 10 functions to learn