Alphakinetic is a Virtus Partners company


Finally all in one place

At its core, Glide is a powerful data warehouse that gives you a holistic view of your data across all of your funds, portfolios and strategies. Glide seamlessly integrates with fund administrators and third party systems.

  • Consolidate disparate data into a single golden source
  • Real-time data with over 98% coverage of the syndicated loan market
  • CLO compliance tests modelled with the expertise of Virtus Partners

Customize with configuration, not code

We believe Glide is the most flexible solution on the market. It is built to be capable of adapting to your workflows rather than making you adopt new ones. Glide enables you to align your systems and processes so you can work in the way you want to.

  • Create custom layouts with simple drag and drop
  • Configure limits, warning thresholds, and automatic notifications
  • Add and edit data attributes in real-time without the need for technical support

We started from scratch to build a solution ready for today. And tomorrow.

Legacy systems struggle to keep pace with the business and Excel is commonly used to fill the gaps. Glide is built with an inherent flexibility that goes right to the core and it integrates with Excel seamlessly as a powerful alternative interface but never as a database. We aimed to build a fund management software that didn’t need to play catch up.


Cloud-based and secure

Glide can be hosted on a public or private cloud in line with your security requirements


Open API

A simple, yet powerful API with minimal functions you can learn in hours



Our clients drive our product which means you get what you need